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Customized Meat Cuts in the GTA

Kaima Enterprises Inc offers a comprehensive assortment of customized quality meat cuts you can integrate into your menu. Contact us today!

Expert Cuts Tailored for You

At Kaima Enterprises Inc, our dedicated butchers are experts at custom cutting any kind of meat, whether it’s beef, lamb, or smoked meat. Our goal is to refine your product catalogue to ensure you get consistently superior cuts that will leave your customers coming back for more.

We know that uniform size enhances both plate appearance and cooking time. And that’s why we use state-of-the-art meat cutters and other high-end tools to trim your portions to your exact specifications. Place your orders today!

Customized Meat Portion GTA

Consistency and quality with each and every cut


Fresh juicy cuts of your favourite meats at 416-291-1599

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Fresh Custom Cuts at Your Fingertips

Beyond streamlining portion control and saving you time and labour costs, our personalized options at Kaima Enterprises Inc also help prevent cross-contamination and preserve the meat’s freshness and flavour.

All our meat portions adhere to the highest sanitary and quality standards.

Let your company stand out with our exceptional custom packaging programs that go beyond your standard ingredient and product needs. Come down to see us today!

Exceptional custom meat chops at exceptional rates


Customized Meat Portion Barrie